Authors I Read

Sherry Gammon

What can I say about this author? I have sat down to write this and literally my brain has gone blank for words, yet the emotions I have are overwhelming.

I have been lucky to have found an understanding in Sherry’s writing and characters. I have read both Unlovable and Unbelievable (that review will be coming soon – if it is already up when you read this, check out the Reviews).

I was introduced to Sherry’s writing by my best friend, who has introduced me to a lot of authors over the years. She and I both understand that life isn’t easy from many different events that have happened in each of our lives. I am sure these have occurred for a few of my viewers as well. Fortunately, our experiences are nothing like those happening in the books Sherry has written, but I believe it helps us both relate to the characters in Sherry’s books I have read.

For me Sherry has a writing style that is a fun read. It kept me interested in the characters’ wellbeing, what is going to happen next, how it is all going to pan out. I have been sat on the edge of my seat, laughed out loud, cried when I have just put on my makeup and then had to re-do it, whilst listening to it via Kindle . Emotion is very high in some areas of the books too.

I can’t wait to get on to Unbearable (don’t forget to check Reviews just in case it is up when you read this) and hopefully some day soon, pick up one of her other books!

If you are looking for a book that has a lot of emotion, action, romance, clever writing with difficult areas to talk about (drugs, drink, murders etc.) Sherry Gammon is an author for you! They are fast reads with great endings – just make sure you wear waterproof mascara if you are ‘a wearer’!

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