Trapped in Silver

By: Emily Sowden

Publisher: Of Tomes Publishing United Kingdon  Pages: 359

Rated: 4 Stars

I hadn’t been expecting to be dragged so deep into this book that I didn’t want to crawl out of that world!

I haven’t been in the best reading mind for a while and even though I have sat and stared at this book on my shelf for months, starting it in my reading slump and just couldn’t get myself into it. I knew however I would enjoy it, just didn’t think it would be this much!

I have to mention the cover before anything else. How stunning is it?! The intricacy in the detail of the necklace and the way the colours blend, seeming to shine with a misty, magical feel, has me so intrigued. Even as I look at it now I have this inner feeling of joy and mystery.

Emily has created a complex world that leaves you with question after question building up. Some I am pleased she answers throughout the book, however there are plenty more that I want instant answers to. Sadly, I will have to wait a good six months – it makes me want to scream with frustration.

Our heroine, Ava is quite a modern lady in her ‘day and age’ which is quite ‘old fashioned’ where women and owned by their fathers and husbands. She has a need to survive and a brain to go along with it. But Ava is so much more than she seems, which a necklace that she can’t take off plus dreams, visions and seeing spirits of the dead proves. The twists and turns within this book I just loved!

After an attack she goes to another ‘world’ where creatures are darker and more dangerous and her true journey begins. Scepticism, lies, heartbreak and love come into her life like she had never even imagined. She was always told she was destined for greater things – I don’t think she expected the surprises she had coming just around the corner.

The world that Emily has created is dark, mysterious, and massively addictive! There are so many aspects that you get to learn about, and at the same time only touch the surface. I really hope that the second book (Lost in Darkness), which has another stunning cover, builds on this world and you get to learn more of the history, life style, and‘types’ of people living there and I am willing the world to expand.

There is a love interest, Ethan, which I guess some people might call an ‘insta-love’, but I found that it was an instant attraction (that happens), that I would say gradually builds over the months that Ava is in his world. They argue, tease and care for each other while getting to know each other a little bit more each time. Ethan has a history that we get to know about over time, not instantly which I really like – it’s realistic in that way. Mind you, the name Ethan just sets my heart going instantly. Thank you, Emily, for choosing the perfect name for a hero!

This is a high fantasy book, that has so much going for it that I couldn’t put it down. With a cover to entice you in and a story line that already has you thinking, why her? A shadowy man and world, with a touch of spice and sassy, sarcastic comments – heart stopping moments of realisation and panic – dark histories, memories and paths ahead that need to be trodden. This a book for someone who likes to dive into a world that isn’t their own and be transported with a battle cry to join the cause that the story is telling.

Pick up this book, I would be surprised if you regretted it. I didn’t!

Trapped in Silver

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