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Maria V. Snyder

Those who have known me since I was around 17 will know what I think of Maria V. Snyder’s writing…

I started reading her books when I saw Storm Glass in the school library. I decided I wasn’t going to do any work during the hour as I didn’t have a class, so I read instead. I was addicted to that book within the first few pages. Of course, like an idiot I started the wrong trilogy first, but hey, that is me in one! I read that series so quickly that I had to go back to the first series Poison Study, which I devoured.

Maria has a way of writing that just sucks me in. The world/s that she has created I just adore and want to know more about, and luckily, with each book she writes, we get more and more. The worlds that she has created (that I have read) aren’t large, but each time you get to know a little bit more about them.

Her magic system is interesting for the Chronicles of Ixia Novels, and I think (if I can remember that far back when I read those books) the Healer trilogy. Each character’s magic is individual and I find it so fascinating how she manages to think up so many different ways people can use ‘magic’. I love it!

Her books are an easy read with a slightly complex fantasy system. I know that I really should have read all of the Chronicles of Ixia Novels again before I started Dawn Study, as there is just so much to remember. The detail that carries through each book is brilliant, as sadly you don’t always get that with authors. You definitely do with Maria.

If you are looking for a good, easy to read fantasy series, I truly recommend that you pick her books up.

I really hope she will do more of the Sitia and Ixia worlds, or even a version of them. I have a love for them that runs deep and makes my heart ache.

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