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A Humble Heart

By R.L. Mathewson

Publisher: R.L. Mathewson   Location: 6256

Rated: 4 stars

Yes, yet another R.L. Mathewson book, I am sorry, I just can’t resist them. This one didn’t disappoint.

There is a slightly different spin on this story as the main characters are famous, not an everyday bod – and I think it gave an insight into how ‘being famous’ might not be what it is cracked up to be. All of the people and companies in her books are fiction, but it wouldn’t surprise me if the way the fans act, might actually be true!

Edward is an amazing actor as well as a kind and genuine guy. Dana has her adorable kids, crappy ex-husband and can’t see why so many men swoon after her. This has a love story to just get your heart pumping and wanting your own Edward. (Oh, and possibly Dana’s kids, they are just so loveable.)

Within the book there are a few areas that are sensitive. I don’t want to spoil events, but the way in which fans deal with Edward and Dana can be a little disturbing – more than the usual crazy antics which we all know and love R.L. for, for example in the Neighbours from Hell series. We all know the pranks they like to have on each other!

I don’t say not to pick this story up, do, it’s great and had me smiling from ear to ear 95% of the time. There were just areas you guys need to be prepared for. I think that she wrote these sections well enough that you feel for the characters, but didn’t ‘overdo it’, playing the situations down slightly in the detail. I like that. I read her books to make me smile, laugh and shed a tear or two (granted that I want some emotion in there) which this book had.

I am not sure if she is looking for serious, and I often want to get inside her head to work out ‘why did she just make him do that?’ I loved it, but what went through her head at the time?

Of course, I can’t write a review on a book by R.L. without mentioning the sex scenes! Just what you hope for, hot and steamy and I recommend having a cold glass of water on hand!

So, if you haven’t started reading R.L.’s books yet, I seriously recommend that you do, and I think this is a great way to start!

A Humble Heart

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