Authors I Read

Sarah J. Maas

Why do I read Sarah J. Maas’ books? Why wouldn’t I, might be the better question.

So, to write this I had to pick up another one of Sarah’s books and read it. I thought that if I read one of her books I would be able to pin down what it was that drew me to her writing. In answer… I still can’t fathom it out what it is.

I find that Sarah’s writing is addictive to read. When I start one if her books I know that I won’t be able to put it down. She knows how to write things in detail that don’t make you yawn and skip to where all the action is. However, the detail that she puts in isn’t overbearing, it gives you all you need to be able to picture what is happening.

I started reading her books in 2015, with Throne of Glass. I had been looking at the cover for ages whenever I was online or in a book shop. Yes, I am one of those that takes the cover into consideration before I read the synopsis. However a cover won’t stop me from reading a book if the synopsis is right up my street. So, after a bit I went to my local book shop on the corner and picked it up. I haven’t turned back since. I read all the Throne of Glass series in 2/3 months.

Sarah has a way of making you laugh, cry, shout and scream, get angry and then jump around with joy – all within a few pages!

I know that we haven’t yet had a finale book yet. The 3rd book (A Court of Wings and Ruin) of the ACOTAR (A Court of Thorns and Roses and A Court of Mist and Fury) series (final section for these main characters) is coming out in May 2017, so I really hope she lives up to the amazing story-teller she is and gives us the happy ending we are all looking for.

If you haven’t tried out her books, I seriously recommend giving them all a go.

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