Rookie Move

By Sarina Bowen

Publisher: Rennie Road   Location: 4527

Rated: 3.75 stars

This is the first book that I have read by Sarina and I have to say I was hooked pretty early on.

With ex’s meeting after years, and a nasty incident hanging between them that neither could control, Georgia and Leo had to be professional as they now worked together. Are there still feelings between them or is there no love lost?

Even though I found this story quite predictable in ways, it was an easy read and an enjoyable style of writing.

I had a few’ laugh out loud’ moments as well as a couple of tears shed, not that it takes a lot for me to tear up whilst reading if I care for the characters in the book. This is something that Sarina did well in my opinion. She made her characters not quite 3D (this isn’t something I quite expect in a contemporary/romance of this style) but close enough that they became ‘real people’ with feelings and a difficult history.

Leo and Georgia are really cute together, but I have to love Georgia’s Dad, especially when one finds out why he is so angry and against Leo! A real protective father figure, very attractive personality trait (or at least on this occasion)!

Overall I think this is a great story if you are between ‘heavy’ books, on holiday or even just want to spend a day on some R&R.

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