Authors I Read

R.L. Mathewson

R.L. Mathewson… what can I say, we all know that I love her writing! Being a mainly e-book author her books are affordable and plenty of them! PERFECT!

I can’t quite remember how I got into reading her books, but I do believe that it was one of my good friends who recommended her to me.

I started with her Pyte series (paranormal romance series), where I think her spin of vampires, werewolves and other paranormal night time creatures is brilliant. I was hooked. I then found out that she had written the Neighbour From Hell series and her two other series’.

I find that R.L. Mathewson’s writing is hypnotic. Her characters are lovable, funny and 3D. Her storiesare addictive and up lifting. Her sex scenes definitely will get you reaching for a glass of cold water, they are just steamy!

R.L. Mathewson’s books are great when you need an up lift. If your life has been stressful, work has a major project, or you are at school and assignments/exams are a little too much and you need to escape, these books take you away instantly.

I have spent many a night up late reading, and giggling. I can’t put them down once I have started!

Amazing! Recommend highly that you pick up the first book of either of her series’!

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