Ever the Hunted

By Erin Summerill

Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company   Pages: 390

Rated: 3.75 stars

 Let’s start with:- I could hardly put this book down.

Erin has created a world where there is magic and war… who could ask for more in a book to get you gripped from the very beginning.

Ever the Hunted is about a girl called Britta who has just lost her father, the King’s Bounty Hunter, through murder. After being arrested for poaching she is given a choice – death or find her father’s killer. (Like any sane person, you would want to live, right? – even if you find out that the accused is your long ago best friend and love of your life, Cohen, your father’s apprentice).

Britta’s character I really enjoyed. She was spikey, loving, but not stupid. She tried to think through what ills may lie ahead, and work around them, using the skills her father taught her. Cohen… well, he is protective and loveable, so can he really be the killer of Britta’s father?

I am not going to tell you – you’ll have to read the book to find out.

With two countries at the point of starting a war, the young King seems an erratic decision maker. Britta and Cohen, who are both being hunted, have to work together to get out of the mess that is slowing pushing them, and the countries involved, into a war they might not survive.

I am intrigued by the magic system and this world, and hope we get to learn more about other magic types and build the world further.

This book has a plot twist near the end that I didn’t see coming! And I LOVE the fact I didn’t. I can’t wait to pick up the second book at the end of 2017.

I highly recommend that you read this book – it is fast paced, funny, edge-of-seat gripping, and overall a thoroughly enjoyable read.

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