Authors I Read

Katie Fforde

Katie Fforde was my first experience of reading a ‘chick-lit’ romance. I was in my late teens and at the time vampires were all the rage… yes, I was one of those readers! (There is more about the books I was reading back then in About Me.)

It all started with me picking a book for Mother’s Day – Mum has always loved reading, so I guess this is where I get my love of stories from. I saw that they had an offer on and I thought I would pick up one of the books there for myself.

Well, low and behold Love Letters by Katie was just sat there, staring at me, begging to be taken home. I fell in love with the cover straight away, so, of course, had to pick it up and read the blurb on the back. Me being me – I panicked! This was a great sounding story and I knew that if it was a film I would be there to watch it, but would I be able to read it and enjoy it?

After pondering for a while, I bought the book I had chosen for mum plus Love Letters for myself, thinking “great deal – what the hell, why not?”

I can’t remember when I picked the book up after that, but I know that the moment I read the first word I was hooked – and not just on the story but also the way in which Katie writes. Her writing is smooth, understandable, captivating and witty.

Katie is what I would call a ‘demure’ writer. I know that she wanted to get involved with Mills&Boon, but I think she found a niche side of the romance market that fits her perfectly. Her characters aren’t 2D, the stories flow and the plot lines just get better.

I can’t praise her writing high enough.

I read a lot of YA romance and very ‘in depth’ romance novels and Katie’s books are the only ones that I have read (so far) and have enjoyed that aren’t so raunchy!

I have read more than half of Katie’s books, but actually own them all. Everyone is as quirky and enriching as the other!

If you haven’t tried out a Katie Fforde book, pick up any one and I dare you not to enjoy it!


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