By Jennifer L. Armentrout

Publisher: Hodder& Stoughton   Pages: 352

Rated: 4 stars

Opposition is the last book in a five-book series called the Lux.

The whole series is about Katy who is partly human in the most part and Daemon who is full alien and a Luxen.

With twists and turns throughout the series you never quite knew where everything was going to end up, except for alien invasion. Literally, E.T. came to town! Can they find a way to fight for the human race and work alongside a long time enemy?

As with all the Lux books, I couldn’t put this one down and read it in just a few days. These stories are fast paced and enjoyable right to the end.

This book has heartbreak and fear, with a lot of love, trust and unusual friendships.

I constantly had questions as to how the hell are they going to get out of this one? Will there ever be such thing as normal?

I love Daemon and Kat’s relationship, totally unbreakable. Daemon, being totally stuck up hard core and, of course, good looking, like most Luxen, and Kat being a normal/average girl and a total book nerd, but also a really strong female character not needing to be rescued by her man every five seconds.

I found the relationships in this book to be really interesting, making me want to pick up Shadows, a prequel book (Dawson and Beth), and Obsession, which is an Arum novel (Hunter and Serna), Arum being the Luxen’s greatest and longest enemy. Plus of course Oblivion (which is in fact the first novel Obsidian rewritten from Daemon’s point of view) – who could ask for more? NOT me!

This book was thoroughly enjoyable and a great ending to a truly loved series of mine which I couldn’t put down!


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