By Kat Stiles

Publisher: Wildchild Publishing   Pages: 255 pages

Rated: 3.75 stars

Connected is the first book by Kat Stiles. It is about a 15/16-year-old girl, Emily, who had no clue she was special with a healing ability until she had an accident. Luckily, she wasn’t alone for long, and her best friend Roz and Tommy, the new boy at school, soon realised they all had individual powers.

With murders going on that Roz has been predicting, they must find out who the murderer is, plus learn to use their powers. Alongside these barriers, we have odd things going on at home for Emily, plus her history, playing a major part in the overall plot.

I found this story to be gripping. With small glimpses of Emily’s history, twists to do with the murders and her mother and sister, the questions just keep coming. From right at the beginning of the story you have questions about her dad. Who is he? What did he do?

The way Kat wrote this book was enjoyable. She twisted and turned and made the characters 3D, even though it is her first book. I was totally hooked, begging to know how it ended. If you pick up the book, be prepared for quite a cliff-hanger and even more questions!

I can’t wait to pick up the 2nd book in the series, with the hope of questions being answered, the world being built further, and, hopefully, more exciting adventures for Emily, Roz and Tommy!


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