Your Captivating Love

 By Layla Hagen

Publisher: Layla Hagen   Pages: 307

Rated: 4.5 stars

 I really enjoy Layla Hagen’s writing! I loved her first book in The Bennett Family series and, of course, had to pick up the second one now that I am back in a romance mood.

Logan Bennet is the CFO of a billionaire jewellery business in San Francisco and Nadine Hawthorne is an evening gown dress designer trying to start her own business, after a few hiccups along the way.

Unquestionably neither of them were looking for love, which just happened to arrive at the wrong moment for Nadine. Of course, even with the stresses of moving to the city and trying to get her business going, the Bennett family had other ideas. They played match maker, dumping Logan in at the deep end, as he is totally unable to say ‘no’ to his sister.

Logan, who is majorly hot, overbearing/overprotective at times, made of money and totally lovable, wasn’t looking for anything serious. He’d had his heart broken previously, and even though he dreamed of having the ‘everlasting’ type of love like his parents, didn’t seem to feel he would find that person for him.

Logan and Nadine are adorable together and, plus the steamy sex scenes, make a perfect, easy to read romance story.

This book is just what the doctor ordered if you are looking for a quick, easy read to make you smile, laugh, and fan yourself at the mention of Logan’s chiselled body! Layla has such a way with words and captures you into her world of the billionaire Bennett Family!

Your Captivating Love (2)



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