Christmas from Hell

 By R.L. Mathewson

Publisher: Rerum Industries   Location: 4074

Rated: 4.5 stars

What can I say? I think we all know how obsessed I am with R.L. Mathewson’s writing and wit. That is now a given!

Christmas is one of my favourite times of year. You get to decorate your home in pretty lights, sing songs that you can only sing at this time of year, have an excuse to see friends and family who you, sadly, don’t see often enough, and of course you get presents from Santa! Yes, I still believe in Santa – don’t judge!

This book was all I could have asked for at Christmas and as it’s Christmas I am sure a Bradford would approve of a chocolate fest.

Necie and Duncan are so cute together! Duncan Bradford, Firefighter, hot and down to the core Bradford… I want one! Of course, he had no idea he was in love with the clumsy, adorable Necie, who everyone knew had already fallen head over heels for him, (along with every other female on the planet).

Being a Bradford, Duncan loves his food, but so does another man in Necie’s life, her ‘Grandpa’, who has a major sweet tooth and, we find out, diabetes! I have to say I would have loved to have had him as my grandfather.

It wouldn’t be a R.L. Mathewson book without a bit of drama and some very hot, romantic scenes.

This is a great fun story, with clumsy actions, laugh out loud moments, and love in all shapes and sizes. A definite Christmas story in need of reading in front of a blazing fire and by Christmas Tree lights.

Christmas from hell (2)

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