The Host

By Stephenie Meyer

Publisher: Sphere   Pages: 656

Rated: 4.5 stars

First off I must say I love the whole idea of The Host! It is a slow starter but well worth the time and effort it takes to get to about chapter 30 for it to start moving!

I found Wanderer and Melanie’s connection to be interesting and I did keep thinking to myself, what would it be like to have someone else in my head?

With there being so many issues about the invasion by the aliens, and the humans that are still fighting and trying to survive, you do wonder how they haven’t managed to destroy each other at the beginning, even though the humans tried!

Once you get to the nitty gritty bits when Wanderer and Melanie have found Melanie’s family, I found that I was constantly thinking “they are never going to survive these people!” or “when is everything going to fall apart?” or “What about Jared, Jamie and Ian?”

I LOVE Ian, I want my own Ian… (loving sigh)!

This story makes me laugh and cry! I don’t just mean one or two tears; I mean I blub! Full on snotty nose, sobbing cry! Of course, it is all worth this pain and upset in the end.

I recommend this book 100%, nothing like Twilight, with a totally different twist to life!


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