Empire of Storms

By Sarah J. Maas

Publisher: Bloomsbury   Pages: 689

Rating: 5 stars

I honestly don’t know where to start! I loved it!

Sarah did her usual trick of showing off her amazing writing style by sucking me in and to feeling the story from start to finish. There was ‘laughing out loud’, worry, screaming and of course, when it comes to her books, the inevitable crying.

Whilst reading this book I could tell that Sarah was trying to bring everything to a close and prepare for the last book. I won’t lie, I have no idea how they are going to ‘get out’ of the situation they are in at the end of the book. What a cliff-hanger ending!

Empire of Storms had a lot more romantic/hot scenes than she has done previously in her Throne of Glass series. By doing this I found that she increased the emotion you feel for the characters by getting to know them more deeply. I truly am rooting for all the couples which start to form in this book!

With such an ending I have so many questions that need to be answered! Will she be found in time? How are they going to find the 3rd Wardkey? Is their plan of deceit going to work? Will the bonds that were made through the book be strong enough not to be broken?  Does Sarah have the heart not to incinerate her readers in the 6th and final book?

This whole Throne of Glass series that Sarah has created, kindly allows so many of us to go on the adventure with her. If you haven’t started the series, I really do recommend that you pick up the first book.


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