The Chronister’s Cliff

By Simone van der Steeg

Publisher: Lulu

Pages: 304

Rated: 4

Simone is a Nederland’s author and The Chronister Cliff is her first book and the first in the Chronister’s trilogy.

This book was totally up my street! YA genre, fantasy and secrets with cliff-hangers all the way through. Karen and Thomas are an amazing combination. Karen is an independent teenager and Thomas is a twenty-one-year-old mystery.

I found this book to be truly intriguing. Before starting the book absolutely nothing was given away about what all the secrets were, and I was keen to know what the big surprise was going to be.

Even by the end of the book, there were questions within questions and I cannot wait for the second book to be available in English. I am hoping for more ‘world building’ and answers to my many questions. I want more!

With a first book vibe and a hearty story which will leave you at the edge of your seat, demanding answers, I seriously recommend you pick up this book and give it your full attention.


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