Fire and Brimstone

By R.L. Mathewson

Publisher: Rerum Industries

Pages: (Location) 6937 Kindle

Rated: 4.5 stars

As always R.L. Mathewson hasn’t disappointed with her amazing writing.

Fire and Brimstone is her latest book in the Neighbour from Hell series and is based around Lucifer and Rebecca.

Without hesitation I can tell you now it is hot, steamy, gripping and of course ‘laugh out loud’ funny! I loved the way that the characters in this book were so aware from the beginning that they liked each other and didn’t try to ignore it. Not that I don’t love that type too!

Rebecca who is constantly ill, for what seemed like no reason what so ever, irritated Lucifer, and of course it is the thing that starts everything off.

I found that Rebecca was a lot more forward and less secretive than other female characters that Mathewson has written before and I really liked that. This was also true with Lucifer’s character. I think this is a nice change.

Definitely pick up the Neighbour from Hell series so you can read this heart-warming book! R.L. Mathewson can’t put a foot wrong in my opinion, and I know I am not the only to think so!

Fire and Brimstone

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