Out Today

Out Today!

After a lot of anticipation, this books is finally out in English. Can’t wait to read what happens next!

Chronister Curse by Simone van der Steeg

When Thomas Chronister decides to leave town, Karen’s world shatters. She tells herself that she is better off without him and she tries to pick up her old life again. When she finally seems to be able to go on without Thomas and his peculiar secrets, strange things start happening at her school. Karen’s youngest brother Malcolm is convinced that their new classmate James has something to do with the latest bizarre developments at their school, but Karen doesn’t want to hear anything about it. Ever since Thomas has left, she doesn’t want to have anything to do with supernatural, unusual occurrences anymore. Malcolm desperately begs her to listen to him. He is absolutely sure that the only person who can help them is Thomas Chronister. Even though Karen never wants to see him again, Malcolm tries to convince her to help him find Thomas, before it’s too late… Chronister’s Curse is the thrilling sequel to the supernatural story The Chronister Cliff.

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