Recipe for Love

By Katie Fforde

Publisher: Century   Pages: 340

Rated: 4.5 Stars

If you love any cooking program and want to have a rough idea of ‘behind the scenes’, Recipe for Love is for you!

Of course we all know by now, how much I love Katie Fforde’s writing and I am sure you aren’t surprised for me to say I have the whole collection. This book just enhances it!

With Zoe Harper as our up and coming cook, plus a handsome red headed judge, Gideon Irving (who doesn’t love a shock of red hair) and a bit of blackmail, love and friendship, this book makes my heart ache.

Katie’s writing alone is a ‘draw in’ even without the love story which unfolds in this book. I find that with her writing style you actually feel that she is there, telling you in person around a campfire.

The only time I wouldn’t recommend reading this book is when you are hungry –  some of the food really made me drool. So attractive!

With a heart aching romance and food, this book is a definite ‘must read’.

Recipe for Love (2)

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