Love Letters

Author: Katie Fforde

Publisher: Arrow Books   Pages: 388

Rated: 4.5 stars

Love Letters was the first book I read by Katie Fforde. It was a totally new genre to me at the time and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I have read it at least 3 times since then!

Laura is a very likeable character, loving books and with my ideal job. Yes, she works with books! Being a totally shy person at the beginning she really starts to come out of her shell as her life twists and turns.

Dermot Flynn, our hero in the book, is a “maddening, temperamental” Irish author, who fits this story perfectly. He is also “infuriatingly attractive”, with an Irish brogue, which adds 100% to my love for this book.

You couldn’t ask for more from Katie, she always knows how to hit the spot on a good rom-com/chick-lit/contemporary novel. I can’t recommend her books enough!


Love Letters (2)


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