A Summer at Sea

By Katie Fforde

Publisher: Century   Pages: 355

Rated: 4.5 stars

 Katie’s stories are like a piece of chocolate. Within 2 pages of A Summer at Sea I was addicted. With an impossible romance, summer, Scotland and of course the joy of Katie’s writing, I couldn’t ask for more.

Emily, our heroine, was very content with life, but needed it shaking up a little. In this type of circumstance, you go off to Scotland for a few months, don’t you? She loves her job, but her heart starts to wonder, what if…

I know I would very happily escape to Scotland, especially if I got to meet Alasdair. A “grumpy”, good looking doctor who has a secret of his own. Unlike some of the heroes in Katie’s books you get a hint of him at the beginning without meeting him. The impression you are given is that he is either total mute, or just sworn to silence. I do love the very ‘manly’ men in these very addictive books.

This book was true ‘chocolate box’ quality and I couldn’t put it down. Thank you Katie Fforde for delivering yet another masterpiece!

A Summer at Sea (2)

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