The Queen of the Tearling

By Erika Johansen

Publisher: Bantam Books   Pages: 488

Rate: 4.5

Let me start by saying this is a ‘must read’! Maybe I should stop there?

This book is quick and witty, there wasn’t a time that I wasn’t gripped, wanting to know what happened next.

Kelsea Glynn has to be the most realistic character I have read in a while. Physic-wise she is just ‘your average Jo’, which I found at the beginning to be one of the most enticing things in this book.

There isn’t much romance to this story at the moment, though there is a hint. The politics element is high, but is put in a way that makes you want to know more of how it works.

By the end of the book you still have lots of questions that haven’t been answered; What is ‘The Crossing’? Who is Kelsea’s father? Who is the Mort Queen? and so on.

Why haven’t I rated it as a 5? Well, I want to give room for The Invasion of the Tearling (Book 2) to be even better and for it to have a chance of that 5-star rating.

I can’t wait to get into Book 2 later in the year just before the finale of the trilogy, The Fate of the Tearling (Book 3), is coming out. A binge read will be on the table at the time!

The Queen of the Tearling (2)

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