The American Heir

By Gina Robinson

Publisher: Three Jay Press LLC    Pages: 153

Rating: 3.5 stars

The American Heir is the last book in The Billionaire Duke series which I have found very addictive. All previous books were very quick reads and this one was no different.

Riggins Feldhem and Haley Hamilton throughout the series have been trying to defeat the ‘Dead Duke’ who has set them both up in his will to be the Duke and Duchess of a grand estate in Britain.

Robinson’s quick and easy writing made the story exciting with secrets that keep being revealed. I was sat on the edge of my seat as I read the last few chapters, desperate to know what the secrets were. The sex scenes were hotter than in the other books which made this slightly more adult, but still as enjoyable.

I did at points find it possible to ‘second-guess’ the secrets, but still enjoyed the way in which they were explained.

The American Heir is a suitable ending to The Billionaire Duke series

The American Heir (2)

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